The very high quality of the SLSG event is built on the outstanding volunteer help received, yet there is always room for more help. If you are interested in helping either before the event or for a few hours during the event (or even for the post-event clean-up), please let us know.

Volunteers are required to do a minimum of 4 hours and will receive a free ticket for that day and a free T-shirt.

We are looking for leaders in the following areas:

  • Manage medical tent (for minor injuries, call ambulance as required)
  • Have specific skills and like to help as a volunteer -- call us.

There may also be specific requests for help (shown below). To volunteer in a specific area or just for general helping out, call (314) 821-1286 or e-mail.

Specific areas include:

  • Field layout, event set-up and take-down (2 days before and one day after the event)
  • Entry gate and ticket collection
  • Assist with parking
  • Fundraising (assist finding sponsors and donors)
  • Assist in T-shirt sales
  • Field operations support (help maintain field during the event, clean-up, trash removal)

Call for general help or to request a specific area.

Committee Chairs

The following people are the Chairs of the Committees or key team members for the respective areas. If you would like to work on a particular Committee, or just find out more about what is involved, then either contact the SLSG or the Chair for the specific area (see contact information on the "About" page).

Admission Gate - Elisabeth Belcastro
Animals and Birds - Kirt Beckman
Athletics - Scott Runnels, Jim Deters, Sarah Moore
Beer Sales - Graham Parle
Children's Activities - Cathy Heineman, Allison Brown, Barbara Brinkman
Children's Foot Race - Earl Fraser
Ceremonies - James A. Slack
Clans & Associations - James A. Slack
Entertainment/Sound - Diane McCullough
Field Location: Contracts and layout - Jim McLaren
Field Ops: Power - Peter Martin
Field Ops: Set-up - Kirt Beckman, Gordon McRoberts
Finance - Anne McLaren
Fundraising - Jim McLaren
Fundraising Support - Anne McLaren
Highland Dancing - Sandra Brown
History, Genealogy - Cynthia Millar & Diana Blanchard
Hotel Coordinator - Michelle Nagy
Insurance - Jim McLaren
Medical - John Daniels, RN
Permits, Regulatory & Security - Earl Fraser
Phone (SLSG incoming) - Dave Massey
Photographs - Janey Brewen, Jim Campbell, Bill Simon
Piping & Drumming - Dave Massey
Public Affairs - Mark Sutherland
Public Affairs Support: Charles Henderson
Resource Procurement - Patricia McRoberts
Team Secretary - Michelle Nagy
T-shirt Sales - Amy Steen
Vendors - Marianne Gibbs, Carrie Sutherland
Vendors Support - Connie McGee
Volunteer Coordinator - Michelle Nagy

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