Hello fellow Clansmen and Clanswomen. It’s time again for The St Louis Scottish Games! Friday September 28th, 4-10PM and Saturday September 29th,8:30AM - 6PM. We are still adjacent to Chesterfield Airport: street address is Spirit Airpark West Drive. Set up all day on Friday, but vehicles will need to be off the Grounds by 3:15PM. Vehicles may pull on the grounds by 7:30AM Saturday but need to be off the grounds by 8AM. Vehicles as always will not be permitted on the grounds after the events until Games Officials deem it safe to do so!

The Registration form to complete is below, along with a link to our online payment system to complete your registration and order additional items such as chairs, if needed.

Here are the costs for this year. Please note that if you need more than one space on Clan Row, the cost is $50 per space. Canopies, tables and chairs are also available to rent for additional fees.

Space/Spaces on Clan Row Canopy/Canopies Table/Tables Chair/Chairs
$50 each $45 each $10 each $2 each

It seems we have some new Clans people interested in representing their Clans for the first time ever. I’ve received a lot of inquiries as to what it takes to represent a clan at the Games so I’m including the guidelines for Clan Row.

You must be recognized by your Clan as Members and authorized to represent your clan and sign members.

You must have proper Banners and Clan Badges on display and Historic Clan information to distribute.

For Friday night’s Clan Calling, one representative from your Clan in Tartan Kilt, Trews or Ladies Tartan Dress only will be allowed to Call for your Clan. Please limit introductions to a minute or less.

The following is just common courtesy and rules of the site. No fires, firearms (unless historical replica’s unable to fire and or unloaded), no generators, no loud music, videos or any other activity that may disrupt neighbors and visitors.

A reminder, there is no Potable water on site, no electrical hookups and no pets, (except service animals accompanied with proper certification) allowed on site. Leaving pets in vehicles is not advised and proper steps will be taken if this occurs.  This is a field so proper foot apparel and insect repellant is strongly advised. We can’t stress enough to bring drinking water. Extra water is a good idea, be prepared and be safe.

Please also note that no merchandise or product can be sold on Clan Row.

Jim Slack

Chair, Clans and Associations

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